Top 5 Selfie Apps for your Smartphone

The year is 2015, the word selfie has made it’s way around the world and has even got it’s own song! A survey on the internet revealed that the average person takes around 15-50 selfies per day, but only post one on social medias. A good photo doesn’t just depend on your phone’s megapixel, but also what camera you are using. Most phones built in cameras are bad for taking selfies, so here I will discuss about Top 5 Apps for Taking selfies. 

#1 – Retrica

Retrica available for Android iOS Popular app for taking selfies

This app is my personal favourite and a must download app for all selfie lovers out there. It was released for Apple phones then suddenly made it ways to Android after it’s huge success. Although it was not intended for taking selfies. Now this app is being used by over a million people. 

#2 – B612

b612 available on Android iOS popular app for taking selfies
An app made especially for taking selfies, by the creators of LINE. Apart from it’s amazing effects and success on the Google play-store, it also lets you create a 3-6 second ” Selfie Video ” with custom sounds. 

#3 – Candy Cam 

Candy cam available for android iOS popular app for taking selfies

Simple to use and has over 100 filters for you to use. You can edit your pictures straight away after taking an selfie like removing those annoying pimples on your face or applying make up etc and upload to Facebook or Instagram with just a single push. The good thing about this app is that it has higher performance rate than Retrica or any other famous Selfie app, so it’s worth a download. 

#4 – Instagram

Instagram popular app for android iOS for taking selfies and sharing selfies online

Not only is it the world’s biggest app for sharing photos, but also great for taking selfies or editing selfies as they have really sweet effects! The good thing about Insta is that it’s slightly fast and has no Advertisments like Retrica or any other selfie app. The disadvantage is that you have to sign up for it, but it will be worth it once you try out their effects.

#5 – CamWow 

Camwow retro available only for iOS for taking selfies
An app similar to Photo booth and has great effects too, the only disadvantage is that it’s not available to Android users, only Apple users and you can also pay to get the annoying watermark removed for $2. 

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