Top 5 ways to Backup Pictures or Files Safely Online for Free

We live in the era of technology where everything is stored digitally in computer or in phone, but what if your computer’s hard disk was to fail or phone stolen/lost, and with them goes all your precious data such as photos, articles etc on which you spent so much time working on? This is where online backing up comes in as they can help you back up your photos or files online making sure you never lose them ever again. Here in this article I will be discussing top 5 ways you can backup your photos, videos or anything you never want to lose again online safely!

Note: It’s recommended you at least use 2 sites to backup your files, just incase one fails which is very unlikely to happen aslong as you backup properly.

#1 – SpiderOak

spideroak app backup photos files online free safely

Popular software for backing files online as it is easy and extremely safe to use. Has strong privacy features making sure you’re in control over everything. It also is easy to sign up for & offers first 2gb free, so if you want to backup files worth more than 2gb you’ve go to premium. Also it has the feature to automatically backup whatever folder you’ve marked to backup so you won’t have to do alot of work either. Although this software is not recommended for phone, but if you’re a PC user, Spideroak is the best you’d find.

#2 – Google Drive

google drive app backup photos files online free safely

No surprise the king of the Internet Google also offers a backing up service, although it’s not proper backup system as in the fact it doesn’t allow you to restore all files at once and everything is done manually but still extremely useful and cheap as compared to others! This app is great if you’re a free user espically as it offers the first 15gb Free and the premium prices are extremely cheap as compared to any other backing up softwares you’d find out there.

#3 – Carbonite

carbonite app backup photos files online free safely

Carbonite is a great software for backing up as it is easy to use and prices are cheap. The only disadvantage is that it’s not completely free as it only offers a 15 day trial, after the trial is over you will be forced to go premium.

#4 – DropBox

dropbox app backup photos files online free safely

This app is great for syncing files and sharing with others. Make sure to be careful what you share with others because one mistake as in sharing the wrong files can cause you a lot of damage. The advantages of DropBox is that it is extremely simple to use and you can access your files from wherever you are by signing into DropBox simply. Also has great privacy as files are protected with password, encryption etc.

#5 – Shoebox

shoebox app backup photos files online free safely

Shoebox is the best app youd find if you’re only interested in backing up photos as it is a completely free and reliable app which backs up your photos. Shoebox works on almost every popular device such as windows, android, iphone etc. This is app is recommended for those type of people that tend to take a shitload of selfies and are only interested in backing those up. The photos you back up are also very organized according to time, day and year. Although shoebox is private you can still share those photos on social networking sites if you want.

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