You must’ve already heard about the recent famous social networking site AskFM. It’s trending lately as everyone you know is using it, friends, teachers, your crush, celebs etc. The first question to come into your mind is probably what makes AskFM special as compared to other social networking sites as there are TOO many. The answer is simple, you’ve questions you want to ask but don’t want to reveal your identity so this is where AskFM comes in. Just like any other social networking site out there, you need people to know you exist on AskFM to be able to get the most out of it otherwise using AskFM won’t be fun. So here in this article I will be discussing Top 5 ways to become famous or popular on AskFM.

#1 – Make sure your profile is updated

make sure your askfm profile is update in order to increase chance of becoming famous or popular on AskFM

As they say the first impression is the last impression, make sure to keep your AskFM profile updated. As in make sure to change your display every once in a while to attract people and include useful information about yourself on your bio. Even if you don’t have a good display of yourself to upload to AskFM, just put any doesn’t matter whether it’s yours or not as it is still better than having no display picture at all.

#2 – Ask other people Questions

Ask other people questions in order to increase chance of becoming famous or popular on AskFM

Just like any other popular social networking site such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc you gotta interact with people first in the beginning in order for people to recognize your existence. By interaction I mean follow others, like their answers etc so they end up returning the favour as well. The same social rules apply for AskFM aswell, you gotta ask other people questions in order to be asked questions. If you’re already popular in real life or extremely mysterious, getting questions won’t be a big deal but if you’re ordinary person who doesn’t have much of a social life outside, you gotta work your way up. Begin by following friends, acquaintances or strangers then start asking them questions!

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#3 – Like others answers

like other peoples answers in order to increase chance of becoming famous or popular on AskFM

As I mentioned earlier, just like any other social networking site you gotta interact with  others in order for them to interact with you. Start liking other people’s answers you see on your timeline, espically rate answers such as Like for 5 likes, Like for a question etc as they will increase your chances of fame by helping you get noticed more on AskFM. 

Note: Don’t like too many answers at the same time or you might get blocked temporarily.

#4 – Do rates

do rates on askfm frequently in order to increase chance of becoming famous or popular on AskFM

Every once in a while, try to do Rates on AskFM to keep your followers satisfied. Also people of AskFM are hungry for rates/likes, hence they’d like your ” Rate answer ” without a second thought when they see them.

Like for 5 likes
Like for a display rate
Like for a question etc

Just because you posted it, doesn’t mean you’ve to do it *winks*
Although it’s recommended you do rates as you’ll get more recognition by having your profile name appear on their profile.

#5 – Advertise your AskFM profile 

advertise your askfm profile on other social networks such as twitter facebook instagram etc in order to increase chance of becoming famous or popular on AskFM

Make sure to include your AskFM’s profile on all your other social networks. If you’re already famous on another social network such as twitter, facebook etc you can boost your askFM fame by simply including your AskFM profile on there. 

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