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Who doesn’t love music? When people run out of music to listen to, they tend to ask their friends for suggestions on what music to listen too but what if even they are not able to suggest new music? For a song to become popular, it has to reach Radio Stations and the Internet or else no one would learn about the song’s existence. The best place to hunt for good music in my opinion,  are Radio Stations.

Radio stations are not just available on Phone or Car, they’re also available on the Internet for you to listen. What’s best about them is the fact they are categorized into genres, so you’d be able to listen to music of your favourite Genre only (Rap, Pop, Hip-hop etc). Although there are so many radio stations Online for listening to music for free, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favourite Radio Stations Online where you can listen to music anytime.

#1 – BBC Radio 1

BBC radio 1 free radio station website's homepage

If you’re from the UK you must’ve already heard of this station, if not I suggest you give it a try as it streams music trending all around the world. What’s best about BBC Radio 1 is the fact that even if music is not streaming and they’re just doing Commentary, you would still love to listen because there is not a single soul in the world who doesn’t love British accent. Admit it, if all professors in the world had accent same as Alan Rickman or Emilia Clarke, every student would pay more attention to what they’re saying instead of falling asleep. It’s also a great Radio station for you to listen to if you intend on developing a British Accent.

#2 – TuneIn

TuneIn free radio station

A great place for promoting your own music content for others to listen as well as streaming radio stations online. Has a simple & clean interfere helping you navigate the website easily and radio stations are categorized into Genres, so you can pick any Genre of your choice and start listening immediately.

#3 – Jango

Jango listen to free radio online

Has all the basic features a radio station needs to have along with a decent interfare, less advertisments and best of all, the site is completely free. Jango also suggests you similar radio stations to listen too as well.

#4 – Live365

Live365 online radio station

Allows you to listen any radio station of your choice & also keep history of them so you can play them back when you visit the website again later. Also allows you to broadcast your own radio station on the site for other users to listen too.

#5 – Radio Station for listening to Pakistani/Indian Music

Pakistan and Indian music free radio station website's homepage

If you want to listen to Bollywood music or stream FM from India or Pakistan, here are 2 sites according to both countries:

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