Top 7 Reasons To Choose The iOS Platform For Your App

Choosing the right platform for app development is very important to position your business in the market. It is indeed a difficult task to choose between Android and iOS and this is why most businesses launch their apps on both platforms. Some prepare to release their app in one and then release it in the other within a short time span post a successful reception and so on.


Top 7 reasons to choose iOS Platform for your App


While both platforms have their merits, launching your app in iOS is a tad better for your business and here’s why; read on.

#1: Revenue – the clinching factor

Even though there are so many apps on Android, iOS has been traditionally known for its clientele who are willing to pay. Paid apps tend to fare better in the App Store as the users there are willing to shell out money for worthy apps and this could be a huge factor for your business. Android being open source is perhaps one of the reasons for this disparity and this is why we recommend that you try out iOS for your business.

#2: Great user experience

We’ve touched upon this point above too – Android is open source and because of that most Android phones on the market (expect the really good ones) come with pre-installed apps and third party apps that can lower the speed of the phone significantly. Some of these apps are prone to crashes and this poses for a pretty bad user experience. In such a scenario, even when your app is pretty fast, it might seem slow to the user owing to his/her phone’s bloatware and this could be a drawback for you.

#3: Strict security

We have dabbled in both Android application development and iOS application development and we find that the security related restrictions and regulations far better in iOS than Android and this can again be attributed to the open source nature of Android. Especially if your app has payment gateway integration, stores sensitive information and so on, security is paramount and iOS provides stronger security against malware and viruses.

#4: Improved ROI

iOS apps have better paying users and it is only reasonable that they have better revenue and thus better ROI when compared to Android apps. The business of business is after all business and thus it is only more profitable to have your app launch in the App Store. Some stats say that Android apps generate a total of less than ten percent of the money spent on their development and the stats for iOS are way better!

#5: Capitalizing on the markets of developed countries

Every business has to storm the markets in developed countries and it is imperative for business success to establish roots in leading countries. Apple phones are most popular in developed countries and thus making apps for iOS is way more profitable as compared to developing apps for Android.

#6: Making use of Apple’s popularity

The fan following and brand loyalty that Apple enjoys is unparalleled. Most of the users of the brand never look elsewhere and don’t look back even! With lesser fragmentation and incredible brand loyalty, Apple is the way to go for your business in our opinion. We find that most businesses come to us for iOS application development for this primary reason and they try to cash in on Apple’s popularity and brand image.

#7: iOS applications can be developed at a faster pace

iOS application development happens at a faster pace as iOS SDK allows for it and is more cohesive when compared to the Android SDK. Testing in Android devices too is a nightmare given the fragmentation level and thus the entire process of development and testing and handing over of the app is faster in iOS than in Android application development.

With more security, a loyal user base, better monetization potential and higher security, leaning towards iOS application development is a better idea for your business!


Author Bio: Pranay Agrawal is an entrepreneur, tech-enthusiast and the co-founder of MobileCoderz Technologies. He has helped many a start-up build and execute their mobile strategies and has helped companies storm the mobile app market and revolutionize their business. Pranay Agrawal occasionally dabbles in writing about technology, strategies for mobile app development and latest trends that are ruling the tech industry.


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