As the advancements and innovations are rolling out in the tech world, new trends and techniques are surfacing every now and then. In the struggle to beat the best, companies rely on improved and progressive solutions to prosperity, one of which is mobile app development.

Due to their massive popularity, mobile apps serve to be an excellent opportunity for the business owners and are a justifiable scope for investment. According to Statista, “mobile apps by 2020 are predicted to produce more than 189 billion US dollars in revenues via in-app advertising and App Store.”

Moreover, stats about the mobile app download show that in 2017 consumers downloaded around 178.1 billion apps, which is expected to grow up to 258.2 billion by 2022. What many experts believe is that mobile apps will continue to evolve along with unfolding many advancements.

As per the prevailing development approaches and current stats, here is a list of top IOS app development trends 2019, read on to drive innovations.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The significance of AI is impossible to overlook as it paves its way into the depth of mobile app development. It has completely revolutionized the app development industry and has given a boost to the level of productivity. From adding face recognition to GPS tracking, artificial intelligence has taken digital transformation to an advanced level.

Due to the outbound benefits, Artificial Intelligence is being considered as a Thor’s Hammer. As per Gartner’s analysis, by the end of 2018 AI industry will generate more than $1.2 trillion, which is 70 times higher than the revenues generated in 2017. Furthermore, the AI-derived business values are predicted to cross $3.9 trillion by 2022.

Accelerated Pages

Accelerating the time needed to load pages in mobile gadgets, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has become more metonym than it was previously. AMP gained success when Google presented it to the market by introducing an isolated search box for mobile networks. It leads to improvised and conceptual changes in the app industry.

AMP accelerated the app efficiency and provided a multifaceted medium. It raises the rates of Clickability and gains highest ratings. Accelerated Mobile Pages make uploading content easier and it has decreased bounce rate too by motivating users to use app efficiently. According to The Washington Post, “AMP helps the Washington Post increase returning users from mobile search by 23%.”

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The fascination which Augmented Reality has created by introducing an augmented digital version of reality in real time has given developers a new way to interact with their customers. With the concept to create a completely artificial situation, many businesses are flourishing at a double pace by providing an interactive platform to the customer to view and shop for their products and services.

After rooting itself in gaming apps with the introduction of the famous Pokémon Go, augmented reality has now penetrated into social media along with targeting branding campaigns via immersive apps.

Apps like Snapchat and Instagram are the prominent examples of augmented reality, which have unique filters that transform a human face into digital characters. Such apps stir motivation and entertainment among customers, which give rise to user engagements. The virtual and augmented reality are predicted to receive massive success in 2019 with the rise of highly advanced wearables and mobile applications.

Blockchain Technology

Cybersecurity is most concerned of all. According to the cybersecurity professionals, three most prominent cyber issues are recorded that involve data loss, threats to privacy and breaches of confidentiality. To protect apps from such illegal invasions, Blockchain provides a much cost-efficient and secured technique.

This is a technique used to interconnect computers to transfer data. It is a highly secured manner of sending information, as it does not require any intermediaries. The blockchain is used on broad-scale transactions and serves as an authentic means to deliver data from one entity to another without any loss. Many leading tech giants have introduced their platform based on this technology to drive excellence. Blockchain-based apps are considered the most secure apps in a smartphone.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things will become more than just a buzzword in 2019. It has marked its presence in various industries from retail to healthcare. In each sector, IoT is playing its part in connecting the world together. In the retail sector, it helps marketers to build smart cities, building, and areas.

In the education sector, it enables teachers, parents, and students to connect on a single ground. Similarly, in healthcare, it facilitates appointment generation and efficiency in providing medical treatments. From providing automation in business to transforming homes into well-connected smart places, there is a lot to unfold in the field of IoT by the year 2019.


According to Garner’s prediction, by the year 2020 Chatbots will accelerate more than 80% of the Customer Service (CS) communications. Powered by artificial intelligence, Chatbots provide an efficient manner of handling customer support services. Chatbots provide an easy gateway to maximize sales. It’s beneficial for the company as well as for its customers. It offers quick and smart options to the customers after studying their approaches and likeness through the intelligent bots of artificial intelligence. By 2020, AI will account for 85% of customer relationships, as per the Gartner’s report.

The technological landscape is going through a fast-paced modernization and its time you should start pondering on something innovative than to simply move behind the herd.


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