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Undeniably, the internet plays the role of a gateway that connects people and businesses from one part of the world to another. Moreover, it has increased and eased the concept of home entertainment. And now you can play games, download files, stream videos, and perform numerous tasks on your smartphones without many efforts.

However, sometimes you might face restrictions on particular parts of the internet, or prefer surfing with complete privacy as there are many creepy things the Internet does when you’re online. So to make this happen, you need a great Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Blue VPN – The Most Trending Top Rated VPN App for Smartphones

The primary reason behind the creation of the VPN was to ensure secure connectivity of business networks. But over time, VPNs are found to be serving many other needs, such as accessing region-restricted websites, shielding browsing activity when using public Wi-Fi, and many more.

So, despite several VPN applications, the Blue VPN is taking the world by storm due to its countless benefits and usages. Also, the app is serving all the needs of the users better than its competitors.

Benefits of Blue VPN

Being the best and prominent, the Blue VPN android application provides fast connectivity along with access to free worldwide servers.

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But there is a lot more when you download this app, such as:

1. Data Download without Limitations

Many people are found to be concerned about their limited data download when using a VPN, as not all of them permit such feature. But one of the many perks you enjoy after downloading the Blue VPN app is the freedom to enjoy the internet without any restrictions or limits. The app allows you to download files regardless of size and time.

2. Ease to Hide and Change the IP Address

By hiding the IP address you can easily keep all your online activities hidden from several companies. This ensures strong protection against any personal information breach. Also, it enables you to access any restricted content that is available in any other country. Moreover, many important websites don’t allow a single user to create multiple accounts with the same IP address. But with this app, you can log in to any website with multiple accounts.

3. Unblocking Streaming Services

Don’t be surprised if you find out that your university, school, or workplace has blocked streaming services. But when you have Blue VPN application installed on your phone, then you can enjoy the online streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies despite content filtering programs.

Blue VPN App – A Big Relief for Users

Blue VPN application is home to many great features that provide comfort to all the users.

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So, here are some some prominent features of this app:

Free Features

Blue VPN is a free application for android smartphones. The users can enjoy many features of this application without any charges. So whether you want to use this app for online streaming, or private browsing, you can do it in a hassle-free way.


It is observed that most of the VPN applications are not easy to operate. Their complicated features and menu options give users a tough time. But Blue VPN is completely convenient and easy-to-use. So every option you seek is right there in front of you.


VPNs often provide slow browsing and also reduce the smartphone’s performance. On the contrary, Blue VPN is termed top rated VPN App for 2020 by Thetic Blog due to it being the fastest, lightest, and highly-result oriented VPN application.

Blue VPN is a great way to discover the world with complete secrecy. It is the fastest and leading VPN application of 2020 with all the latest features.

Downloading the Blue VPN app is the most effective way to experience the internet with a private browsing and strong security.

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