Best Real Estate Apps

We all know how important a home is to a person — a safe place where we can be in our comfort zone with the people we love. We know how overwhelming it could be to explore and buy your dream house.

You need to be on your toes to find the best deal. Roaming around and getting in touch with builders and real estate agents can be a difficult task. In such hard times, real estate apps come to rescue you.

But hold your horses, before you open your Play Store or App Store, you need to get your priorities straight as different apps are used for different purposes.

Some apps have a large number of house listings while others come with auction properties. Although tons of general business apps are there to help you run a real estate agency, you need to find an app for your specific property needs. 

So whether you’re looking property for rent or want to settle down, these apps have got you covered with the best property for you.

Our List of Best Real Estate Apps


Zillow Real Estate App

Zillow undoubtedly the best app known for real estate and there’s a good reason behind it. If you’re looking for a home you can download the app and view houses and their prices on the go. It provides filters and search options for houses, apartments, lands and more. You can also list your house on the app and track the estimated value over time to find the best deal.



LoopNet App

LoopNet is specifically for commercial property investors. You can check in your local area for a range of multi-unit residential as well as commercial spaces. The app helps you buy Riverfront residences, out of town or even out of state properties. App

Not only does provides a wide list of property, but also useful if you don’t have an agent. makes it easier to connect with local agents as well. The app provides vast list used by most real estate sites and is updated quickly.



Trulia App


Trulia, now owned by Zillow, comes with some focused tools to search the house of your dreams. The search provides filters related to house features such as hardwood floor, pols, etc. This advanced search tool helps you to find the homes that could meet your requirements.



Homesnap MLS Real Estate App

Homesnap provides MLS-powered search along with messaging and sharing features option. Now you can share stuff about the house you love with anyone you like. It also allow you to access to new and frequently updated listings as soon as possible.



Xome Real Estate Auction App

If you love to buy auctioned properties you’d love Xome. Xome platform lets you access the real estate auctions. You can bid for bank-owned, standard, short-sale and foreclosed home listings. It is an amazing feature for property investors as you can buy the property in an auction for lower rates before it hits the market.


Finding a new home can be stressful but if you have your preferences straight you can directly check out these apps to have your dream house. There are all kinds of apps that can help you find or sell your house at the best price.

Make sure to leave a comment below on your review about the app we mentioned or suggest us real estate app you think that’d make a great addition to our list!

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