Top Things to Do Immediately After Your Identity is Stolen

Identity theft has always been a cause of worry for users around the world. While identity theft isn’t a new term threatening users online, it is more like a prominent threat now. Today, cybercriminals are inventing all new ways to target users and their identity. Once they steal user’s identity, they use it for various reasons including cyber-attacks, monetary benefits and what not. Though there are certain ways to prevent identity theft to some extent but if you are under attack by cybercriminals then we suggest you should follow these steps. By following these steps, you can mitigate the effects of identity theft to some extent.

Lodge a report:

Once you realize your identity is compromised the first thing you should do is to lodge a report with nearby cybercrime department of the local police station. It will help you reduce your financial liabilities when some monetary transactions are made fraudulently by using your identity. They will also guide you what next steps you should take to alleviate the effects of identity theft.


Freeze credit with credit agency:

The next thing you should do is to freeze your credit with all major credit agencies. Alternatively, you can freeze your credit with one major credit agency and it will pass on the information to other agencies. But here, you need to ensure that identity theft information is passed to other agencies. Once you will do that cybercriminal will find it hard to initiate new requests using your identity unless you verify it.


Request credit reports from all major credit agencies:

Once you have blocked the credit, next thing to do is to ask for the latest credit reports from these agencies. It will help you understand if some fraud has been done using your identity earlier. Here, you need to scan all the information carefully to see any changes in credit scores in recent times. Once you find discrepancies simply contact related authorities and try to fix the issue.


Contact individual institutions:

Next step in the process is to contact individual institutions. Here, you may need to contact banks, financial institutions or other authorities that could help you deal with identity theft. If you have found some suspicious activities when it comes to your credit card, bank account or other financial documents then it is highly recommended to immediately contact these institutions to block your services there.


Contact insurance agency:

In addition to contacting other institutes, you should also contact your insurance agency to get any proposed claims for identity theft. You can also contact your identity theft protection software company to ask for a better solution. Some of these companies offer million-dollar protection for identity theft thus it is advisable to contact these companies too for reimbursement. Here, having advanced identity protection tools prove to be the best solution in case of identity theft.


Follow up:

This is one of the most important steps, once you have followed the primary steps you need to take follow up as well. Here, you need to confirm that your credit has been freeze so that no one can make use of it for fraudulent activities. Similar to that, you need to check with your credit card companies and banks to confirm cards are blocked immediately. You should also carefully check the accessed credit reports so that you should know any discrepancies. Taking follow up from local enforcement agencies is also necessary to know the current state of affairs in your case.


Apply for new documents:

Once you are done with corrective measures, it’s time to apply for new documents. Here, you can ask for correction in your social security numbers, credit cards, bank accounts, and other necessary documents. You can contact individual institutions to get these new documents.


Stay Cautious:

The nefarious army of cybercriminals online is attacking users online. They are trained to steal your identity traces, force you to install the malicious software or do similar things. While the process of keeping yourself safe from these threats isn’t so easy, still you can follow some important preventive measures to avoid this threat. Despite all preventions, if you are under attack of identity-theft then following above mentioned steps could help you deal with this issue. If you have got similar steps in mind, then feel free to comment below.


In short:

There are certain steps you need to follow if you are under identity-theft attack by cybercriminals. This article explains some of these important steps in detail.


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