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Being a part of an organization having a continuous learning curve or being an owner of one such organization has challenges of its own. Gone are the days when organizations could rely on conventional learning methods for cultivation of textbook knowledge among individuals. With the technological advancement, developers have stepped into the educational niche by developing an AR and VR video education tool, LOOK. This educational tool is the most sought answer to many learning hindrances organizations have to face during the course of training employees. LOOK enhances the learning techniques as well as learning ability of employees and employees.


Watch videos specially vetted for you:

Organization owners benefit from LOOK by availing the opportunity of hand-vetting useful videos to be shown to their employees. With LOOK, organizations and businesses get a better shot at delivering what matters to their employees in the most interactive way ever possible. Organization heads can select appropriate business tour videos, business tips, organizational insights and videos based on similar knowledge with their trusted friends and employees.

Save videos for future needs:

Tired of losing important visual data? Are you in sudden need of a video which your professor once showed you but now you have lost it? With LOOK, there is no such thing as losing videos. Enjoy the feature of video saving and preserve all the information which you think might be useful for future needs.

Organize your personalized video-treasury:

LOOK offers an amazing video organization feature. This feature enables the users connected in a LOOK platform to organize their stored video treasury according to their preferences. Users can create unique playlists and organize videos according to their categories. In this way LOOK eliminates the clutter from video search and selection in times of urgency.

Step into an amazing e-learning venture:

The best thing about LOOK is that it has transformed e-learning for individuals. This education tool innovatively divides its users into two categories; the visual learners and visual Curators. People connected to either of these categories get to learn and discover new things from a business point of view.

Curate and share useful videos:

As a visual learner on LOOK, you get a chance to discover new videos by exploring a wide range of informative content. You can select videos of your choice and share them with trusted employees, partners or companies.

Conduct video-quizzes:

Forget the pain of asking individuals for filling out your survey forms. With LOOK, there is no need for organizations to conduct textual quizzes which bore the participants to death. LOOK offers assessment tools, using which visual creators get a chance to create their surveys and visual learners can quickly fill them while watching the videos.

Enter new dimensions of VR and AR learning:

LOOK has stepped into the market with an aim to revamp the visual e-learning by its amazing AR and VR features. Visual learners can enjoy immersive VR180 and 360-degree videos as well as explore 3D objects using AR. Visual curators get to select the AR and VR resources which shall be added to learning treasury.

Comprehensive analytics and reports:

LOOK offers you comprehensive analytics and reports. Visual curators can easily review how many of the connected people have watched the shared videos and filled survey forms. This feature is helpful in refining learning resources according to viewer preferences and needs.

On-demand, trusted content:

With LOOK, there is no such thing as fake content. LOOK is well-reputed for its content authenticity which is supported by valid sources. Visual curators can demand a specific type of content and it will be provided to them almost instantly.

Grow in dual dimensions:

By purchasing the LOOK license, you get a chance to grow in dual dimensions; visual learning and visual curation. This dual growth is nothing less than a promise of progress for businesses and organizations. Business owners get to learn as well while training their staff. LOOK works for the benefit of all the parties involved with it. So many perks for just one purchase!


Spread knowledge starting today!

LOOK is the key to unlocking new educational gateways for businesses and organizations. It is one step further into the future because of its amazing perks which are as promising as they can be. Purchase LOOK today or ask for a demo to realize just how much important this educational tool is for your organization. Don’t miss!

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