How to turn off last seen on Instagram

Instagram has recently launched an update which allows users to see last time they opened their app termed as “ Activity Status ” , Instagram’s version of last seen.. It’s about time Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram had this update, after being implemented on the popular Instant messaging app WhatsApp. This status lets everybody know when you’re active or when you were last seen. It shows up in Instagram’s direct messages, underneath the names of the people you recently tagged or talked to. Fortunately for you, there’s a way to turn off last seen on Instagram which I’ll discuss below.


Instagram Activity Status Feature

However, all hope isn’t lost. As Instagram’s last seen isn’t visible to everyone – only to those who you follow or recently have chatted with. Meaning, if your profile is public and your Instagram follower decides to send you a message, they won’t be able to see your last seen unless of course, you yourself decide to reply or are already following them back. The latest feature is available for those who’ve Instagram version 25 or newer. Users who haven’t updated their app and are using the older versions, unfortunately will not be able to see the activity status.

This new feature is enabled by default, showing how many minutes ago the user was last online or used the app.


How to turn off activity status on Instagram


Also it’s been claimed that along with this update, Instagram released a feature which allows users to know when they’re typing. However, this is an old update that was released ages ago back in December. Hence nothing’s new about this.

How to turn off last seen on Instagram

If we look back at WhatsApp’s last seen, it has caused a lot of domestic issues resulting in many divorces, breakups etc. You might be busy when someone sends you a message and you rather reply back later when free, however last seen/activity status will prevent you from that as the user will think you’re not replying back on purpose which can create misunderstandings between you and the user.

If you’re not comfortable with sharing your activity status with others or simply want to avoid drama, then wise choice would be to turn off last seen on Instagram.

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone
  • Press your profile picture at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Tap the 3 dotted menu bar (Options) on the top right corner of the screen
  • The text “Options” should be visible on top. Scroll down until you see “Show Activity Status” which should be below Save Videos after Posting.
  • Press Show Activity Status to turn it off (Which should be turned on by default already).


Turn off last seen on Instagram


To check whether you’ve successfully turned last seen/activity status off or not, go to your direct messages. If you’re able to see the activity status of others, then that means it’s still turned on – if not, then congratulations, you’ve successfully managed to turn it off. Wasn’t that difficult right?

This feature seems great for the pro stalkers out there, who rather spend their day stalking others such as crush, significant other or even their children – however, also bad for those like their privacy. If you ever get tired of the new update, you can just simply turn off last seen on Instagram by following the steps above.


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