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Life is busy and ever moving – and in the hustle and bustle of it, we tend to get carried away. There are, however, some things such as our work and social circle which are ingrained in our minds. They are a constant part of our routine because we get enough reminders in the day to naturally not neglect them. What we sometimes do neglect a little is our faith.

As Muslims, we know that giving time to worship eases our worries and pleases our God. We know that incorporating an Islamic lifestyle would bring undeniable comfort into our daily lives. But when our day is packed with things to do, we forget to remember our God in the little things. Wouldn’t it be easier, then, to get reminders about our duties as Muslims?

Ummah App is a Muslim community in the form of a pocket-friendly app available for both Android & iOS devices. This app acts as a personal assistant to bring Muslims useful reminders.

Ummah App recognizes that Muslims are scattered around the world but are united in the desire to become better versions of themselves… and it aims to provide a platform which makes it easy to do just that.

Let’s look at how Ummah App can ease your troubles!

Prayer Times

Ummah has a clean and sleek user interface with a prayer time widget that you see in the app. It also comes with a notification in your notifications bar about how much time is left until the next Adhaan so you don’t miss out.

The app also has accurate Ramadan prayer times based on the user’s location. So there’s no need to fret about being organized in your religious duties!

Augmented Reality Qibla

If you are in a strange place away from home with no one to guide you towards the right prayer direction, do not worry.

This app has got you covered. Just point your smartphone anywhere in the room and it will point you to the qibla.

Halal Content

Wouldn’t it be nice to read Quran verses every day even if it is only once? Ummah shows you tailored Islamic content. You will see small sayings and Quranic verses which will help you throughout the day. You can also read the Quran from where you desire with translation.

Share what you love

There’s a lot that you can do with this app. You can control the way your profile looks. You can save your favorite quotes to see them later.

Best of all, Ummah is also a social app. This means that you can share content you like with your Muslim brothers and sisters. What’s more is that soon, Ummah will be a halal marketplace which will allow people to buy and sell quality goods.



Start your Journey towards being a better Muslim today!

Every Muslim needs a little push once in a while to keep going in the right direction. This Ramadan Kareem, Ummah aims to turn those good intentions of Muslims into commitment and consistency.

So if you want to never miss prayer times again, download the Ummah Mobile App now for Android or iOS.

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