Using Technology to Monitor Air Quality at Home

Whether you are a person suffering from allergies or have a newborn inside the house, monitoring indoor air quality is important to keep the levels of various chemicals in check. Technology has stepped into the world of improving Earth and the living quality of its inhabitants by introducing a number of cool gadgets. Indoor air quality monitor is one such gadget. You can find more about it by reading the Review of the Awair Glow.


The need of monitoring indoor air quality:

Monitoring of indoor quality has become a great concern because of the rising levels of environmental pollution. Although monitoring indoor quality may look like a menial thing to do, it is quite important to keep a check on the indoor air quality. Substances such as VOCs, CO2, and other allergens are readily added to indoor air because of the continuous air infiltration inside closed spaces via small spaces and crevices.


Tracking CO2 levels:

The review of the awair glow actively speaks about the importance of monitoring indoor CO2 levels. CO2 is created as a result of respiration and expelled into the air during breathing. Excessive levels of CO2 in the air can cause drowsiness and lethargy among the inhabitants of the affected space. Using an indoor air quality monitor can help in tracking CO2 levels and keeping them in check.


Keeping the VOC levels in check:

Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs, such as Ozone and Benzene are constantly being infiltrated into or from the indoor air. Home appliances and similar other devices create and emit high levels of VOCs in the indoor air. All of these chemicals are extremely hazardous if present at high levels. Using an indoor air quality monitor helps in keeping the VOC levels in check as statistics are actively updated regarding the levels of VOCs in indoor air.


Temperature and humidity adjustments:

Apart from tracking and monitoring CO2 and VOC levels, indoor air quality monitors also help in adjusting the temperature as well as humidity levels present in the indoor air. These smart devices are controlled and viewed using smartphone apps. Users can remotely track the levels of various indoor air constituents and take necessary measures accordingly. Say you observe your room temperature falling below a certain level, the smartphone app will offer you the perk of activating the heater upon your instructions.


Active alerts and Comprehensive statistics:

Gadgets which actively monitor indoor air quality levels are now using smart features. Once you have set up the gadget, download the app associated with it. After connecting the app with your gadget via a Wi-Fi connection, you can set up the settings as instructed in the gadget manual. After that, you will be able to actively view the statistics indicating the levels of various chemicals and gasses in the indoor air. These gadgets also come with on-device LED’s which show different colors indicating different levels of chemicals in the air. The users are also able to view and receive action alerts on their smartphones regarding various gas and chemical levels in indoor air.

Given the many handy perks of owning and using a smart indoor air quality monitor, it is a sensible decision to get one for your house as well.

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