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Nowadays, everyone is in consistent efforts to make their Instagram and Facebook profiles worthy of all the stares and stalking. To be very honest, we all know that in the modern-day social media world, it is rare for anyone to upload their photos without a little editing and some filters. People tend to crop their pictures to get rid of the extras in the background of the photos before putting them up for others to drool over them. This can be easily achieved with the help of a good video and image editing app.

Moreover, adding lightening effect, increasing or decreasing the warmth, adding colors, blurring, adding softness and many other such forms of editing are a common practice for photos and videos before uploading them on social platforms. This surely won’t come as a surprise if we tell you that people are now even paying hundreds of dollars to the professional photo editors to get their photos or videos edited in the best possible manner.

Video Image Editing App Preview
Video Image Editing App Preview

While we personally feel that there is no harm in a little bit of editing for whatever reasons it may be, we are strongly against the idea of paying others your hard-earned money just for the sake of an edited photo or video. We, therefore suggest you to do it on your own. Yes, we are living in 2020 and thanks to some apps that have made tasks like editing pictures and videos too easy to believe. Let us introduce you to one such wonderful app that makes professional-level photo and video editing a piece of cake. Read about the most amazing features of this Android Video and image editing application here below:

The Most Amazing Video and Image Editing App for Pro-level Photo and Video Editing

Thanks to this great android application, video and image editing has never been this easy and that, too, coming entirely free of cost. This amazing Video and Image editor application lets you crop convert your basic and average quality videos and images into an aesthetic piece of art. With lot of features and extreme user-friendliness that this app comes with, one of its most praise worthy features that we all are hooting for is the fact that, once you are all done with your editing, the final photos and videos come out without a watermark or anything that hints at any editing or make over done to make it look better than its natural version.

Although hundreds of photo editing apps exist on the playstore, this app not only allows you to edit photos but ALSO VIDEOS. A user-friendly, simple, and smoothly-running application, the video and image editing app allows you to merge and combine two different files and add multiple filters to your videos and photos to bring out their beauty. You can cut, resize, blur out, add music and different stickers, write over, flip, add background color on your photos and videos and what not.

Video Image Editing App Preview
Video Image Editing App Preview

You can also change the aspect ratio of your photos and videos whether you take them directly from the app’s camera or access them from the gallery where they have been pre-stored. The videos can be edited to run them in slow-motion with 6 different speed options that this app comes with. There are a variety of music templates in the application for you to add them in the video’s background or can simply access your saved music from your phone’s gallery. Moreover, you can mute your video of simply extract the music that is there at its background to use it somewhere else.

Want to know more about the app? Well, there is so much more for you to explore. Download this magical video and Image editing app right now and start enjoying an ultimate editing experience to make yourself feel like a pro.

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So What Are You Waiting For?

We personally loved every bit of this amazing app when we installed it for the first time. Ever since this free and professional photos and video editor is our go-to application for all sorts of minor to major video editing and we swear by the results.

The process of cropping the videos is exceptionally easy with the cropped final version coming out without any damage to the mega-pixels of the graphics. We loved how you can add your own preferred music file at the background of the video and can even write or add stickers on the edited version without any extra time being taken by the sticker and music to load.

This video and Image editing app with all of its amazing features comes totally free and without having you put in any kind of minor effort. Want you Instagram to look nothing less than that of Insta models?  Don’t wait. Go to Google app store and download it now to enjoy ultimate editing features that will make your photos and videos look like anything but average.

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