Top 5 Video Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

Over the past years, we have seen videos becoming a significant part of digital marketing, from Instagram stories to interactive video sessions. We can surely expect them to offer us a lot this year as well. Videos are proven to be more visual, memorable and provide the viewer with a sense of communication. Keeping the importance of video for your digital marketing in mind, we have picked out the best 5 tips that will help you to plan a perfect marketing strategy for the upcoming trends of 2019.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in digital marketing emerged last year for many companies and in 2019 we can expect it to become even more mainstream. According to a survey by Statista, by 2020, virtual and augmented reality are predicted to have an economic impact of approximately $29.5 billion. A company named Lowe teaches its users to remodel homes through VR. According to the people who took VR sessions had 36 percent better recall the remodeling elements than those who only saw YouTube tutorials.


Live Video

Another good strategy is to connect people with your brands. It helps you to earn their loyalty. Your audience is going to engage in a conversation by commenting or asking questions which increases their engagement time and encourages viewers to stick around more. According to the Facebook report, watch time for live Facebook streams grew four times in the past year.


Choose Your Weapon Wisely

When editing a video, it’s all about control. The better the control your software provides the more you can customize and add touches to your videos. If you’re looking for an app that can provide you endless combinations of specifically designed templates or a variety of color schemes or even high-quality music yield than we would recommend you Swish App as a safe choice for Video Editing App. The app lets you craft your own video add under 3 minutes.


Video Strategy Is Essential

Now you know how video marketing can boost your shares, it is essential that you plan it wisely. The video alone will not be enough, there should be some strategy behind it. The success of your videos and the strategy behind it walk together. The Swish Video App has long been favored as a strategic video editing app.

Use your videos as a voice to raise brand awareness, platform to communicate with your consumers or to support any of your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator). KPI should be an essential part of your video strategy, being included in every video to ensure that it connects to the strategy and serve its purpose. Video animation is another recommended strategy in this regard.


Stick with One Transition

Never ever use every transition provided by the video editing software. That’s a rookie move and we’re sure that you don’t want to look like a rookie. Find one or two good transitions and stick with them but do not overuse them, the users will find it more annoying. You can select one or two good filters, which changes the entire screen. For instance, it is generally considered a good idea that you start your video black & white and then gradually introduce colors.


Over to You

Ready, set, action! Now that we’ve provided with the scoop on the latest tips for upcoming trends for 2019, you’re all ready to go ahead of the competition and set new boundaries for your business. Remember the key to always create creative useful videos and all the eyes will be on you.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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