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Stalking and creeping into people’s profiles without having them know of it is the new normal of our virtual world. You probably must’ve taken a round of your Ex’s profile to check out their new bae (if not now, maybe in the future) or might have wished you could see an egoistic co-worker’s story without them having any idea about their everyday life being stalked. 

With a whopping 500 Million people using Instagram stories everyday, ever wondered how to watch Instagram stories anonymously? Well, its 2020 and our wishes related to the virtual world are actually being heard. With someone who is not very tech-savvy, wishes like these mostly stay un-granted. 

Very few know that it is, indeed, easily possible to watch people’s stories on Instagram without showing yourself in the “Seen” list. “how to view instagram stories without them knowing” was a question that we were asked on a daily basis. Being a tech blogger, I already knew the answer to this and easily found ways to creep into people’s Instagram stories without having them know of it. 😉

Yes, you can also watch people’s Instagram stories and posts anonymously. No, it’s not that hard of a thing to do. All you need to know are some ways to go incognito and its as easy as that. Let’s break the code for you today!

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Here are some ways in which you can watch, sometimes even download, anyone’s story on Instagram without revealing your name to them.

#1. The Famous Airplane Mode Technique to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

View Instagram Stories Privately Airplane Mode

I’m pretty sure you already know about the trick to watch or capture stories without them being informed, by watching or screen-shotting people’s snaps using screen recorder on airplane mode.

However, this might be your first time hearing about this as a trick that makes it easy to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

This is literally the most hassle-free way to view Instagram stories privately on Android and iPhone both.

Simply login to your Instagram account, go to the account of whoever’s story you want to view, and wait for a few seconds to let the app load the story.

Now turn your phone’s Airplane mode on and watch the story. Your name won’t be revealed in their seen list and they will never know about you creeping into their life.

#2. Different Extension on Web Browsers to Let You View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

There are 2-3 very useful web browser extensions that let you anonymously look at Instagram stories of others from your computer desktop. If you are using Google Chrome, there is an extension named ‘stories for Instagram’ that you can download on your browser. Using it, you can watch anyone’s Instagram story and they won’t even know of it.

For those who use Firefox as their browser, using the Storieswatcher extension can have the same benefits of watching any story anonymously. You won’t even have to log in to watch the stories on public accounts.

#3. Online Story Viewer Websites and Tools to View Instagram Stories Privately

Anonymously Look at Instagram Stories

There are a number of online tools and websites that let you watch a public account’s Instagram story without letting them know. With these tools, sometimes you don’t even have to log into your account. 

Anonymously Watch Instagram Stories

All you need is an internet connection and you can simply anonymously watch Instagram stories. A website named “Storieswatcher” is one of the famous tools for this purpose. It also has browser extension as discussed above, however, the web version does the job as well. It lets you watch stories without your Instagram account logged in and hence never lets anyone know of your identity. You can also easily download a story to keep it safe with you or to share with your friends but we urge you to respect others’ privacy as much as possible.

#4. Using App to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Thanks to the rise of apps and the fact there is an app for everything nowadays. We are literally spending our days and nights with ultimate ease just because of the existence of these amazing apps. Like apps for everything else, there are some of the most amazing apps available both on Google and other apple stores to let you watch Instagram stories anonymously.

Blindstory App

App to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

As the name indicates, this is an app to watch Instagram stories anonymously through your phone. As long as someone has their profile on public, you can easily use this app to watch their story. You can also load the story to save it to your phone. The app is overall an easy to use and interactive tool that protects privacy to your profile without charging you anything and has a low file size too.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Other similar apps:

  • Gramster — Anonymous Instagram + Story Saver
  • Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram
  • Story Saver for Instagram – Story Downloader
  • Story Saver
  • Story Save – Instagram Stories Download
  • in Grabber
  • Story Saver for Stories App


These were some of our most trusted methods to watch Instagram stories anonymously. You can also choose to view stories through methods that you want, however we recommend to use the ways mentioned above as they’ve trusted and won’t cause you any issues.

With Instagram rising in popularity among teens, no matter what you do, just make sure never to invade someone’s privacy using these tools and apps to such an extent that it may hurt or harm them in any way. 

Also let this be a reminder, that posting on the Internet isn’t safe and what gets uploaded on the Internet, stays there FOREVER. When posting something on your stories, please make sure that it isn’t something too private because your privacy can be invaded easily, too.

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