What is Mini Militia and How To Play It

Mini-Militia, aka. Doodle Army – 2, is an addicting android game which allows you to host 6 online gamers or 12 local gamers via a local network to play and combat with each other. With a variety of guns and weapons available during the battle, that all you can use to conquer your enemy (friends), provide a light and stern environment to boost your experience. If you love the military, army or even combat or shooting games then Mini Militia is the best match. This game has become popular within teens at first, and adults later, in a very short span of time. Being specific, it’s the most popular game being played by college students and office-led employees.

Ever played CS, Counter Strike? Well, this game provides a 3rd person view of your favorite game, CS. Although Mini Militia varies to Counter-Strike in many aspects, still a person can get the feel of playing Counter-Strike in a 3rd person view on a smartphone.

Appsomniacs LLC developed this genius game and put it in the play store and app store for free, before it was aquired by Miniclip. They also developed, created and gave away Doodle Army Boot Camp and Doodle Army

App Requirements on Android/iOS for Mini Militia

Android Version: 3.0 or above | iOS Version: 9.0 or above

GPS: Yes – To connect you to the nearest server (Optional)

Internet/WiFi: To Play the game online (Optional)


How to Download Mini Militia (Doodle Army 2)

The game is easily downloadable from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. With the key-word: “Mini Militia”.

How to Play Mini Militia (Controls)

  • In the beginning of the game, the avatar lands from the sky safely with a secondary gun and few side shots such as grenades. You and your opponent play the game for almost 6 ½ Minutes. In that span of time, all you must do is to kill as many opponents as possible.
  • The simple Controls are as follows:
  • You can toggle between weapons by tapping the upper right corner of the screen and reload your weapon by tapping on the ammo button.
  • The upper right corner shows the zooming capacity of weapon you have: long range for snipers and shorter range for pistol, next to this is the jetpack meter and the life meter.
  • The upper middle bar shows the flying capacity (blue color) and remaining health (pink color). The lower-left side of the screen shows the circular button which controls the movement of the avatar.

Getting Started

Now let’s come to the best part: Playing the game.

Modes - Mini Militia (Doodle Army 2)

The game has three modes of play:

  • Solo Play
  • Quick Play
  • Multiplayer with LAN Wi-Fi

1) Solo Play in Mini Militia

In Solo Play, there are two different options: Training and Survival. You could train yourself here before going for Quick Play or Multiplayer.

a) Training

Coach Sarge will train you over there. You will be taught all the basic controls. Weapon training will also be provided.

b) Survival

After the training session, you start fighting, combat with available enemies. Coach Sarge will help you in training. Once you are ready, head for Quick Play and Multiplayer.

2) Quick Play in Mini Militia

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Select Server from the page you are taken to
  3. Everyone need to tap: Ready
  4. Choose Map
  5. Select your Team (Optional)
  6. Countdown Starts
  7. Play!
  8. Kill as many opponents as you can to win the game.

Once the time elapses, overall score and kills will be shown.

3) Multiplayer in Mini Militia

Follow the following steps to play the game in Multiplayer mode.

  1. Create a Wifi Hotspot
  2. Ask your friends to connect their devices to it
  3. Open the Mini militia app
  4. Choose Multiplayer
  5. Select LAN WIFI
  6. Choose Death Match.
  7. You need to host by selecting the host option
  8. Choose the preferred Map/location
  9. Wait for your friends to join the game
  10. Once everyone is ready the game will begin.

You may form teams with your mates or just play solo.

Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips and tricks to earn a good reputation in the game.

  • Don’t straight away combat with the pro players who have already got a very high score.
  • Don’t use the weapons which have got very less power (like pistol)
  • Try to reload the guns and keep it fully loaded before you battle with new one.
  • Try to keep the blue bar full whenever possible, so that you can escape during attacks easily.
  • Don’t get yourself stuck in the middle where two others are already on the attack.
  • If your health is less commit suicide so that your opponent will not get the points.
  • If a bomb is thrown towards you then sit down so that it will have less effect on your health.
  • Place the green grenades in the respawning area so that opponent will get killed automatically when he respawns.
  • Try to get the shotguns, snipers and rocket launchers.
  • Make use of the double guns wisely.

Guns and Weapons

Guns and weapons available for combating in Mini Militia are:

  • Desert Eagle
  • Uzi
  • Magnum
  • MP5
  • AK47
  • M4
  • M14
  • Shotgun
  • M93BA
  • SMAW
  • Machete
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenades

Even powerups like power boost, riot shield, and health pack are available.

Avatar Customization

To Customize your Avatar in Mini Militia:

Customize - Mini Militia

  1. Go to “Game Settings”
  2. Click on Avatar
  3. Now you will see the customizing page
  4. You can now rename your avatar with a name of your choice
  5. To get the characters, choose Customize button available below
  6. You will end up with the editing page
  7. Here you may set up the avatar of your interest
  8. Once done click on save.

Mini-Militia Ranks

As from the kills made and score along with experience, the character gets to be ranked.

Mini-Militia Badges

As per your ranks, the mini militia badges also are given eventually increases.

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