What to do when your new boss is younger than you

Every individual seeks to explore and discover new ways associated with his career. This is the reason that many of us switch jobs in search of new challenges to grow. The same case was mine, after being associated with a nationally recognized organization I opted for a job in the office which gives the best web development and designing service in Pakistan. The major challenge that I was faced with was to see that my new boss was younger than me. Horrific, right? That was the first thing that came to my mind too, but gradually after working for him for quite some time I have realized that it’s just a mental state of our mind, the mainstream notion of having older boss which makes us question our capabilities and the fact to how on earth you are going to form a strong boss-employee relationship. To overcome this, I have detailed down some of the tips that could aid you in keeping your cool in case you are about to face or facing the similar situation.

What to do when your new boss is younger than you

  1. Don’t doubt their skills

Never ever be skeptical about their skills. There is a reason that the organization hired them for, they possess the skills that were required to perform best in the role. Therefore admire their skills and learn from them in terms of interacting or using a software tool etc. This will assist you in being updated on the market trends because you can get the appropriate nurturance from your younger boss who is probably well-versed in the usage as compared to you

  1. Age is just a number

The differences that we observe in the world where the mainstream idea is that millennial are to be subordinate to the baby boomers, but the world is changing and so is this notion. To overcome this, remember the main purpose that brought you here the first in the first place. Age subsides when the concern is to grow and progress, try to be focused on it and if your boss provides you with a good leadership and guidance them the ride forward becomes easy and everything becomes just fine and age becomes just a number.

  1. Share your idea, don’t bury them

It becomes very difficult to form an agreement when you have a different feeling about an idea. Our experience varies with that of our boss which sometimes makes us roll our eyes for the approach presented, this is the place where we need to share our view on it based on our experience and insights on the field that could contribute positively in the process. But this should be done in a considerate manner, to demonstrate that you value the idea presented by him or her but with your experience shoe her how your past can turn the tables to form a more beneficial strategy.

  1. Remember to act your age

One thing that individuals adapt to develop a relationship with their younger boss is that they try to act their age, which not come across as unprofessional but also makes you look silly in front of him or her. If these thoughts have crossed your mind once, eliminate it completely. The fact that you are here for your growth and earning a livelihood is your aim so focus on that instead of buying hipper clothes to act younger because you are not obligated to it. Act your age and be determined to enhance your work quality in front of him and not your personality.

  1. Communicate with your boss

We are not the only one who feels different with having a younger boss; maybe the situation is similar with him too. He might be to be feeling intimidated by you. Therefore to set a common ground for both of you, communication is the key. Engage in conversation with him to clarify the position, expectations and the role that you both seek to play. This helps is working in the collaboration which further improves the work efficiency. Form an image of yourself by showcasing your valuable insights obtained from experience in front of your boss which compels him to seek your valuable advice

The age difference can make us feel resentment to the fact that we are subordinate to someone who is much younger than us. The feeling of gaining control of the work can sometimes become overwhelming but it is crucial to stop whining about this fact. We should stop highlighting the age which bothers us and focuses on the other aspects that could contribute to the role for which we are hired for. Initially, we could engage with our new boss by socializing over a cup coffee which reduces the tension and anxiety and learns more about each other. This will assist us in working towards a common focused goal and improve our productivity over time and further drive forward towards a lucrative business.


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