What is GBWhatsApp and its Features

In 2017, it was unveiled that over 60 billion messages are sent everyday on WhatsApp by 1.5 billion unique users.

Majority of these users are very protective of their privacy; some hide their online status whereas others tend to turn off the blue ticks which shows that a particular message has been read.

However, there are very limited customizable options provided to the WhatsApp users to play around with their privacy settings.


What is GBWhatsApp and its Features


This prompted the need for GBWhatsApp, which is exactly like the original WhatsApp but offers much more.


What Is GB WhatsApp?

First thing which needs to be clarified is that GBWhatsApp is not — in any capacity — a product of WhatsApp or Facebook. It is an entirely standalone application which fixes a lot of problems people may face using WhatsApp.

The legality of GBWhatsApp has often been called into question but the reality is that GBWhatsApp is an alternative version which provides additional uses compared to the parent version.

Not only that, GBWhatsApp is easily downloadable and accessible for Android users.


GB WhatsApp Features

GBWhatsApp not only enables users to use numerous WhatsApp accounts in a single application, here is a complete list of features offered by GBWhatsApp.


Advanced Privacy Options

The biggest concern people have with WhatsApp is that they do not get to have enough control over their privacy settings. GBWhatsApp, however, addressed that problem.

Users can now hide,

  • their online status.
  • themselves while typing messages.
  • the double ticks.
  • writing status.
  • recording sign.
  • blue microphone.
  • view status.


Bigger File Option

After you have downloaded GBWhatsApp, you can send up to 90 pictures in a single message. Not only that, users can select a video of up to 30mb to send. GBWhatsApp minimizes the limitations and this is one of them.


Tired of Talking? Go Offline!

There is no shame in admitting that often times we get fed up of people and want to take a breather. However, with WhatsApp, you have to turn your WiFi off so you don’t get any messages.

However, with GBWhatsApp, you can activate the Do Not Disturb Mode (DND). This enables users to remain connected to the Internet but with their WhatsApp account offline.


Customizable Themes

Let’s face it! If you have to use the same application for too long with the same interface, it becomes boring. GBWhatsApp enhances the messaging experience by letting users change the theme of the messenger.

There are over 700 themes available from which users can choose from and not only that, they can change colors and font size and styles as well.


No More Useless Scrolling!

One of the biggest dilemmas users face is having to scroll to go to the start of the chat. No more! With one click of a button, users can go to the first message of every conversation they want. Additionally, GBWhatsApp is working on allowing users to go to chats on basis of different dates.


Toast Notifications

Everyone loves updating their profile pictures and with GBWhatsApp, users can now get notifications after anyone of the selected person updates or changes their photo.


Download the Latest Version of GBWhatsApp

If you are interested in downloading GBWhatsApp then here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download GB WhatsApp:

Go to the latest release post of the application’s official thread. You will come across two different APK files, both have identical features. However, if you want multiple WhatsApp accounts then select the second APK file.

Once you have downloaded the APK, go to your Security Settings and enable installation of apps from unknown sources. After that, simply open the downloaded APK and voila, you have successfully downloaded and installed GBWhatsApp.

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