Whatsapp allows you to automatically Backup and Restores your Messages by Google Drive

The frustrating days of losing your WhatsApp messages are over as WhatsApp has released an official update recently which allows you to backup your WhatsApp messages automatically with the help of Google Drive.

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Note: This update is exclusive to Android Users only.

how to backup and restore whatsapp messages and videos pictures by google drive

Before you can get started, you will need a:

  • Google account (for Google Drive), which you probably should have already.
  • Google Play Services (Available to Android 2.3.4 and higher only)
  • Enough space on your Google Drive account for backup (this shouldn’t be a problem as messages are extremely low in size, but media files (photos/videos) might drain your storage quickly.)

How to create the backup?

Now it’s time you allow your Android phone to automatically backup your conversations to Google Drive. Start by:

how to automatically backup whatsapp conversations by google drive step one

  • Go to Settings > Chats and Calls and then press Chat Backup.

how to automatically backup whatsapp conversations by google step step 2

  • Under Google Drive settings, press ” Back up to Google Drive ” and then select backup frequency of your choice. (I recommend daily or weekly).

Tip: Don’t select backup manually as you’d probably end up forgetting to backup, automatic backup is recommended.

How to restore my Whatsapp Conversations?

If you don’t have a google account, WhatsApp will attempt to restore your conversations from locally backup files stored in your phone. If that’s not there, then you’re screwed unless you backed up your conversations on Google Drive.

In order to restore your WhatsApp conversations using Google Drive, you’ve to:

  • Log onto the same google account you used to backup your Whatsapp Conversations.
  • Uninstall and then Reinstall App
  • After you’ve confirmed your number, you will be asked to restore your WhatsApp conversation from your Google Drive account, Confirm and you’re done.


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