Who Called Me: Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Telemarketing Spam Checker

There used to be a time when you could see the whole caller ID of the person who called you i.e: the number, the country it’s calling from and the name of the caller. Those days are long gone and reversing phone number isn’t so simple anymore, as technology has advanced and smartphones have taken over.  In today’s world, it is easier to spoof caller IDs today, as there are MANY softwares or services available on the Internet that allow you to fool the person you’re calling by spoofing your caller ID. Caller ID spoofing is generally used by telemarketers or pranksters, usually with bad intentions to masquerade as someone else, such as pretending to be the president or sending a SWAT team. You’re probably thinking SWAT isn’t stupid enough to fall for this, but they actually did in 2007.

Who Called Me - Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Telemarketing Spam Checker

After all these scenarios, a law was implemented and telemarketers are now by law, required to use their actual caller ID. But just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean that’ll stop people from using them. The question, “how can you protect yourself from caller ID spoofing arises?” arises.

Who Called Me – Reverse phone number lookup and telemarketing spam checker

The answer is WhoCalledMe.io, a Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Telemarketing Spam Checker. A website that allows you to perform reverse phone number look up and protect you against spam. Reverse phone number lookup, is basically a technique used to identify the identity of unknown numbers that called you or triangulate the origin of the number.

WhoCalledMe.io allows you to see who called you by reading their phone number reviews and performing your own reverse phone number lookup. Basically, the website is run by users, for the users. Similarly, like Wikipedia which started off with the same concept and developed to the biggest encyclopedia today, where all content is written by external users.

Following are the area codes WhoCalledMe.io currently covers:

  • 201
  • 202
  • 203
  • 204
  • 205
  • 206
  • 207
  • 208
  • 209
  • 210
  • 212
  • 213
  • 214
  • 215
  • 216
  • 217
  • 218
  • 219
  • 220
  • 224
  • 225
  • 226
  • 228
  • 229
  • 231
  • 234
  • 236
  • 236
  • 239
  • 240
  • 242
  • 246
  • 248
  • 249
  • 250
  • 251
  • 252
  • 253
  • 254
  • 256
  • 260
  • 262
  • 264
  • 267
  • 268
  • 269
  • 270
  • 272
  • 276
  • 281
  • 284
  • 289

 However, as it’s new – there is less data and the website is still being worked on and soon will cover more area codes, hopefully giving users a much better experience and allowing them to perform more accurate reverse phone number lookups.

Why you should use this website?

You’re probably wondering why use WhoCalledMe.io, when there are so many other services out there that can do the same.  But there’s no way to be sure the information provided is genuine or not, as it’s done automatically. WhoCalledMe provides a better experience, as it is a user database and allows you to perform reverse phone number lookup based on the “reviews” provided by other users.

Similarly, you can leave behind a review too. This concept is similar to that of online shopping websites where users leave reviews on the buyer and product’s quality, where after analyzing all the reviews, you can decide whether the information provided is genuine or not.

Alternatives to WhoCalledMe.io

But what if you’re not able to perform a reverse phone number lookup successfully from WhoCalledMe.io? You can go for manual ways, such as following the tips below and then contributing the information you believe to be true on the website.

One of the most common and popular technique to reverse phone number used by majority is just to simply type the unknown number into Google, which only works if the caller left his phone number public somewhere on the Internet. Before 2010, it was possible to use Google’s phone book search operator to do a reverse phone lookup however not anymore, as it was shut down by Google due to majority of the people requesting for their phone number to be removed.

Another alternative to using Google, is searching the number on Facebook as that is most likely to bring out the person’s profile and reveal the identity of the caller to you, provided their number isn’t private.

Conclusion: WhoCalledMe.io is a great website that allows you to reverse phone number lookup and prevent telemarketing spam. You will find many services or apps on the Internet willing to perform reverse phone number lookup, however common sense says they’re not genuine and most likely fraudulent, since you yourself are not able to successful reverse phone number, there’s high probability that a 3rd person won’t be able to find it as well. However there’s no harm in trying them if they’re free, however NEVER risk paying for them as that’s just plain stupidity, unless they’ve access to local phone directory records which is unlikely.

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