Who doesn’t love Arcade games? They’re great to kill the time as they’re easy to play, don’t require much thinking and best of all, don’t suck a lot of time. Arcade games have been around since ages since the era of gaming started. A great arcade game is not only determined by it’s simplicity, but also by how challenging it is, to prevent the player from getting bored easily and leaving. No matter what kind of gamer you are, Smartphone, console, PC gamer etc there’s no way you don’t like a challenge, as this is a trait of gamers: always ready for a challenge, no matter what. There are more than thousands of Arcade games available on the Google Playstore, most of them worth playing. Usually people have tendency to download games that are over rated, trending or by famous developers hence ignoring games released by new developers, that have potiental to someday become one of those ” famous developers “. I’d like to introduce an Arcade game called ” ZigZag Road ” by MekArt Studio. 

ZigZag road android arcade game preview

​ZigZag Road (click here to download) is a 3D arcade game where you can guess few details of the game from the title itself. The objective of the game is to navigate the Zig Zag road while collecting gems on the way, without falling down. Although it sounds simple enough, the game gets challenging as you encounter more ” zigzags “. It’s all about ” How much far can you reach? “

ZigZag road android arcade game rules

​The game has beautiful graphics along with very simple inteface where as soon as you open the app all you’ve to do is press Play, to start playing. The controls of the game is simple, all you’ve to do is Tap once to change the direction (forward or right) and the goal is to navigate through as many ZigZags as you can, collecting gems along the way which help increase your points. Although there is no option to choose a specific background color/map, the background automatically changes as you progress through the game so you don’t get bored from playing with the same background. 

ZigZag road android arcade gameplay

The beauty of this game is that it’s for all ages and unlike many other games, doesn’t have annoying ads popping up between in game. Although there is no official highscore/leaderboard, this is a great game to compete with friends in real life on who can navigate the most ZigZags.

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